About Us

Specializing in Drifting since 2012, Faction Motorsports is your number one stop for motorsport performance. Started out of our parents' basements, we took our love for the culture to the next level...


Who is Faction Motorsports?

Originally formed in 2010 as a car club under a different name, we have since grown to become much more. In 2012 we began selling parts and working on cars out of our parents' garages in order to pay for our drifting habits, but always had long term goals of running our own New Jersey based shop and selling quality parts all across the country. We are proud to be a business ran by true motorsport enthusiasts and are always thinking from our customer's perspectives because that's where we all started. One of our main focuses is offering fast and easy solutions for ordering automotive parts directly from Japan, you will see this option for a bunch of products on our site! 

What types of products do you sell?

We strongly believe in supporting authentic brands and ideas, but we also understand cost is always an issue. At Faction we try to offer a wide range of product brands while keeping our quality standards set a bit higher than the rest. That way if you are ordering with us, you know you are set with a great product right from the start. As well as offering quality parts from around the world, we are always striving to create new and innovating products that help solve problems in the industry, usually problems that we run into ourselves while out on the road or track. 


Why buy from Faction Motorsports?

You mean other than having the best prices and receiving the correct parts in a timely matter?!?! All money spent with us is directly thrown right back into our content creating machine, used to make rad videos and other media for our customers! We are not some big corporation looking to make millions, we are simply trying to do what we love while making life easier for our customers.


Do you offer installs and other work?

We do offer installations, engine swaps, complete wiring overhauls and much more. Contact us by email to make an appointment or stop in the shop to say hello. Our hours are a bit hectic right now, so Email or a phone call is best!


What is Faction! Drift Club?

FACTION! is also the name of our New Jersey based drift club. A group of friends that live and breathe drifting. We attend events all over the country and are always creating new content for our Youtube and social media accounts.