Faction Motorsports Throttle Cable Bracket for S13 SR20 Swap (89-94 S13)

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Faction Motorsports throttle cable brackets: designed to make SR20 swaps a little easier!

When you swap a S13 SR20 engine into a S13 240sx, you run can run into a couple issues. The first issue you might have is when using a SOHC KA24 cable, these cables are too short to be used properly. We supply aftermarket DOHC cables that will work with your new engine swap. The second thing that might happen even if you have a DOHC cable, is the OEM SR or KA bracket will not work. This is where our brackets come into play!

Please watch our install video on this product to get a full explanation and to make sure this will work with your current setup.


- For some reason OEM DOHC KA24 engine cables seem to have the mounting location set about a quarter inch further back. You might run into fitment issues when using our bracket with old OEM DOHC cables. We suggest purchasing a new throttle cable off of our website to use with your new bracket!

- These are meant to be used in conjunction with aftermarket replacement cables for S13 DOHC KA24 engines. These cables measure 50.5" in length.

- These are test fitted and bent in house. Meaning these WILL have small imperfections in the finish. 

- Constructed from 304 stainless steel and laser engraved.

- Designed to be used with STOCK S13 SR20 THROTTLE BODIES.

- These have NOT been tested on S14 240sx.

- These have NOT been tested with cruise control.