SPL Front Adjustable Endlinks (23+ GR Corolla)

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SPL front adjustable swaybar endlinks for the Toyota GR Corolla feature massive PTFE-lined FK 1/2" bearings to provide the highest load capacity for use with stiffer aftermarket sway bars. Custom heat-treated chromoly high-misalignment studs allow for extreme articulation angles (up to 65°) to prevent endlink bind when used with adjustable sway bars.

Unlike OEM, SPL endlinks are adjustable, enabling you to eliminate unwanted preload on the sway bars, set the ideal bar angle, and, if equipped with ride-height adjustable coilovers, properly corner balance your car. The result is better handling, more sway bar tuning options, and less variation in performance between right-hand and left-hand turns. Even stock cars can take advantage of this upgrade by simply dialing out the swaybar preload that occurs when you sit in the car to drive it.

Large Adjustability Range
Eliminates Swaybar Preload
Correct Swaybar Install Angle
Lightweight, High Strength Construction
Self-Cleaning, US Made, PTFE-Lined FK Bearings
6061-T6 Aluminum Turnbuckle (Anodized Black)
FK PTFE-lined 65° Studded Rod Ends (F1 Spec, Self-Cleaning)
Easy, On-Car Adjustments
The 6061-T6 turnbuckles use opposing thread patterns (RH and LH) to allow you to adjust the length while it is still installed. Simply turn the turnbuckle to lengthen or shorten the link to the exact desired length and snug the jam nuts.

Suitable for all uses, from daily driver to race car.